1.       What are my payment options?
N2S Stock Exchange supports transactions through direct bank transfer or credit and debit cards directly via the site.

2.       How do I improve my seller ratings?
This is done exclusively from the feedback you receive from your buyers.

3.       What happens if my purchase arrives damaged?
N2S has a dispute process which you must initiate from your buyer dashboard within 1 working day of receipt for damaged equipment and 5 working days for faulty equipment. If there is an issue with your order, please contact us on 01284 761111 (Monday – Friday 08.30 – 16.30) or by email to help@stockex.n2s.co.uk.

4.       Where is payment held?
Your payment is held in an account managed by N2S.

5.       Who arranges shipment of my purchases?

The seller chooses which options are supported when an advert is placed. Collection only means the buyer must arrange collection  

All other formats are the responsibility of the seller to arrange and notify shipping numbers via the dashboard on stockex.n2s.co.uk

If you are including shipping you must include UK shipping costs in the offer you accept. If you want help arranging logistics please contact us at help@stockex.n2s.co.uk
6.       Top tips for selling
We find 5 things really increase your chances of success:
1. Make the minimum order quantity (MOQ) as small as possible and be clear what the buyer is getting for their money. 
2. Have a realistic guide price - most buyers won’t bid if the gap between what you ask for and their view on its value is any more than 100%. If you want £100 for an item then a guide price of over £200 may put many buyers off.
3. Use a good realistic photograph and more than 1 if you can. Please ensure that this is a photo you own and not one that you have taken from another website. 
4. Avoid collection only if you can and assist with shipping where possible. 
5. Respond quickly to offers. Buyers are often looking at multiple sources of supply and speed is essential to close deals.

7.       Can I sell anything on Stock Exchange?
Unfortunately not, only telecoms and technology equipment can be sold on N2S Stock Exchange. If you are not sure please contact us directly on help@stockex.n2s.co.uk